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2002 Symphony Guild ASID Showhouse
"Urban Powder Room"

This stunning Italian glass tile floor in varied shades of blues and greens provides a colorful backdrop for this contemporary Powder Room located in an exclusive high-rise condominium. A dramatic dark royal blue ceiling anchors the space as the soft gray walls allow for a smooth transition to the floor. The use of the brushed stainless steel toilet adds to the uniqueness of this elegant space. The white asymmetrical sink, counter-balanced by the brushed aluminum storage cart with towel bar, adds a sense of daring style! The brushed stainless steel mirror with maple square accents continues to emphasize the asymmetry. The wall of embossed, brushed aluminum with the brushed aluminum border at the top and raised square accents reflects light and enlarges the space. The subject of rope in the painting ties the wood, metal and color together. The clean, simple lines, geometric forms, cool metals and colors work together to create a sculptured, finished look and a cool, urban feel!

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2002 Southern Christmas Show
"A Simple Christmas"

This cozy dining room is ready to celebrate the holidays!   Dinner awaits as this elegant semi-gloss mahogany table with coordinating high gloss mahogany chairs with camel leather seats is set for a relaxed family gathering. Color is everywhere as the crisp white lights and red ornaments sparkle against the backdrop of the rich green tree and elegant gold walls. A fire in the electric fireplace with walnut mantel glows while welcoming friends and family for holiday festivities. Stockings are hung in anticipation of Santa's arrival. The warm wool rug in red, navy and tan feels soft and soothing underfoot while the limestone floor gives the room a sense of character. Serve up some holiday cheer with your turkey and eggnog in a space that offers "A Simple Christmas" at home with the people you love!

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2003 Southern Spring Show
"A Gentleman's Journey"

Take a journey and reflect on the flight of any man's life.   Designed with the needs of a man in mind, this space offers a relaxing retreat where he can work or relax without interruption. A ladder style bookshelf allows a place for storage for books or items to display. Artworks depicting architecture and race cars stand out against the soft blue and tan walls. A suspended model airplane appears to fly. The cherry executive desk with ebony inlay is an elegant and functional place for him to work on his computer, make phone calls or plan business strategies. The Aeron Chair is ergonomically correct to minimize fatigue. The brown leather club chair is placed in front of the Bang & Olufsen television where he can be comfortable while viewing his state-of-the-art equipment or while reading his favorite book. This gentleman's retreat, located downstairs from the family's daily routine, offers an escape from the day's challenges.

This room won the 2003 Charlotte Observer's People's Choice Award for Most Popular Interior Design Exhibit and the 2003 Honorable Mention in the judged competition.

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2003 Symphony Guild ASID Showhouse
"Modern Edwardian Bath"

This simple, elegant hall bathroom is reminiscent of days when men retreated to smoke cigars, play cards and have cocktails after dinner. The console made of wenge wood, the white porcelain sink, attached chrome towel bar and chrome faucet add an updated appearance by using clean, simple lines and form. The shelf underneath the sink is ideal for minimal storage in a bath that is mostly used by guests. The leather tiles with warm gray walls provide a rich sense of style, color, warmth and interest. The rich red, tan, and black plaid shower curtain adds color and elegance. The lighting fixtures resemble dice and are fun while still being functional. Accessories, like the custom designed metal and stained-glass "diamond" mirror, shower curtain tabs, and artwork, using cards and the four suits give details their unique character. This transitional space is ideal in a historic home where men and women alike can imagine those days gone by while enjoying a simple, updated look in a somewhat whimsical space!      

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2003 Southern Christmas Show
"Happy Hanukkah"

Celebration is everywhere in this relaxed, functional den.   The family will have plenty of space for family and friends to commemorate the true meaning of Hanukkah. The room is designed around this beautiful rug with Southwestern influence in vibrant reds, burgundies, golds, greens and dark blues. The Bombay chest is graceful and stylish and makes a wonderful statement by itself. The green velvet draperies with cream silk sheers stand out against the rich honey golden and nutmeg brown walls.   The windows provide a perfect spot to place the telescope for night sky viewing and for the Menorah to be seen from outside as the candles are lit each evening. The golden loveseat with pillows that coordinate with the rug provides a comfortable seating arrangement while the brown ottoman can be used with a tray for a place to put drinking glasses or for children to play with their dreidels as it is here. Plenty of space allows for many activities to take place here. The red wicker chair with golden pillow is perfect to pull closer to the loveseat for conversation or to curl up with a good book. The nesting tables allow for even more versatility to move about the space as needs arise. No matter if the family is celebrating Hanukkah or relaxing together, this space will give them an attractive and comfortable place to gather for many years!             

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